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Shai Guitar Lessons

Medicine Music Academy

🎶 Early Bird price ends in:




















3-Month Community Learning Program

Develop your musical skills by learning medicine songs  together in an empowering community setting


Will you be joining us on the next round?

We would love to learn and grow with you as a part of the MMA Community!

Gain access to:

🎶 Monthly LIVE Masterclasses - with musical demonstrations 

🎶 Easy to Follow Practice Routines - layered & step-by-step approach

🎶 Community Video Learning Space - with on-going guidance & personalized feedback from Sha

🎶 Asynchronous Course Content - make it fit your schedule

🎶 Community Support - from like-minded guitar players to learn with and from

🎶 Safe Space to Embrace Showing Yourself - practice expressing yourself musically 

Receive community support to:

🎶 Stay motivated and inspired

🎶 Bring focus, structure, and discipline to your practice routine

🎶 Stretch yourself in places you would normally avoid

🎶 Unlock new abilities in yourself through watching others learn and grow

🎶 Build confidence and feel empowered

🎶 Make practicing WAY MORE FUN!!


Doors open for enrollment for the April - June 2024 program!

What students say...

 "I love how we get into mastering each part of a song and then putting it all together"

Russell Belleret, CA, USA

New Dates: April - June 2024

​Early Bird Price (until 14 Feb): €295  €225


What's included: 


  1. LIVE Masterclass at the beginning of each month with musical demonstrations (recording available in the space)

  2. Step by step practice routines & guidance posted by Shai in the video learning platform

  3. Ongoing personalized feedback (modifications, simplifications or extra challenges) from Shai, as a response to you sharing your progress on the video learning platform

  4. Access to a community of like-minded guitar players

  5. Safe space to show yourself, your voice & your music - "take the stage" in our video learning platform

All Hands In

Community-Funded Seats

It is in our hearts for anyone who really wants to be a part of the MMA community to be able to join, regardless of their financial circumstances. At the same time, resources are needed to keep the platform running and growing. 

This is where Community-Funded Seats come in... 

We are offering existing community members the option to fund (partial) community seats (beyond their own). These funds can then be used to give out (partially) funded seats for those in need of some support. 


 🎶Shai Guitar doubles the amount that is being funded by existing community members 🎶

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