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Shai Guitar Lessons


Improvisation | Fretboard Mastery | Technique

Learn how to play together in harmony, channeling your creativity while staying in connection.

MMA Plus participants receive access to all of the MMA beginner contents, plus extra materials & practices, designed to build solid foundations for improvisation

Interactive Learning

We use chord/scale diagrams, simplified music theory explanations and most importantly - real songs to practice with!

The practices we do are focusing on 3 elements:

- Mapping the fretboard

- Building technique & ear-fingers connection

- Stimulating the creative channels

Creative Assignments

The creative assignments are at the core of the MMA Plus

They are the way to apply & give clear form to the principles we learn in the course.

Backing tracks are provided so you can record yourself soloing on top of the backing track (no need for sound card, phone recordings are sufficient).


This way you learn right away how to apply the new techniques and skills in a musical context, using real medicine songs

On-Going Guidance

Share your progress, questions & creative assignments as you go through the materials of the program.


I personally review and answer each question.


Watch the progress and questions of the other program participants via the Shai Guitar Video App.

Inspire each other & connect with the other participants.

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