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Shai Guitar Lessons

Master the Fretboard Online Course

  Pentatonic Scales & Fingerstyle Techniques

  Upcoming group | January - March 2024 | 2 Spots Available

Learn the fretboard in a fun, musical way

Join me on a 3 months online program to experience a unique way of studying the fretboard in a fun, musical & groovy way.

In the course we will learn the Pentatonic scale shapes and how to apply them all over the fretboard in an elegant, musical way, incorporating rhythmic & fingerstyle guitar techniques.

The course combines music theory principles with etudes (musical exercises) designed especially for memorizing the fretboard in a musical way.

This will give you freedom for more creativity, self expression & the ability to play in harmony with other musicians easily

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The key to success is clear, small steps.

In the course we break down the fretboard "puzzle" into small, digestible bites, building the whole image one piece at a time.

Practice Routines

Clear, easy to follow practice routines and assignments are a part of the course.

The practice routines ensure that you remain inspired & integrate the materials.

Personal Adjustments

Share your progress & ask questions in the course forum.

Clarification videos & variations to the practice routines are shared in between the sessions.

Participation includes:

- 6 video lessons including scale diagrams, tabs for download & practice assignments

- 3 live sessions where we share our progress with the group and tackle challenges & questions that came up.

- Exclusive online space for Questions & clarifications (via videos), fine tunings & practice routine adjustments.

- An option to add 1-on-1 lessons to support the implementation of the course materials (depends on availability, to be discussed during the intake)

Course duration:

3 months (January - March 2024)

Live Masterclasses  

January 7th 

February 4th 

March 3rd

20:00 CET / 11:00 PT

Price: €520

Shai group lessons

Course Level

Beginner - Intermediate

This course is suitable for you if you are familiar with basic rhythm guitar chords & techniques and want to advance further into fingerstyle & lead guitar.

There is no need to read sheet music.

Shai group lessons

Master the Fretboard

Creativity & Self Expression 

Learning the fretboard will give you the ability to express yourself on the guitar and play with other musicians more easily.

You will know how to play chords all over the neck and add melodies & scales to the chord progression you're playing

Shai group lessons

The CAGED system

Modern approach to the fretboard

The CAGED system is a modern methodology where we use the open chord shapes (C, A, G, E, D) as a basis for studying the whole neck.

It is also used to apply appropriate scales to chord progressions, understanding in a visual way the connection between chords & scales

Course Content:

- The pentatonic scale: musical pattern and it's relation to the major scale

- The pent
atonic scale shapes and how they relate to the CAGED chord system

- Incorporating rhythm into our scale practice, understanding melody inside the framework of "groove" (rhythmic patterns)

- Incorporating bass lines into our scale practice, understanding the relation between melody & bass lines (which are the basis for chord prog

- Incorporating ear training into our scale practice, how to wire our brains to hear the connection between inner sounds & fretboard scale shapes

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