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Shai Guitar Lessons

Master the Fretboard

Foundations for Melodic Improvisation

 July - August 2024

Course Level : Intermediate (1-2 years experience)

Join me on a 2-month program to learn how to ground your inspiration and express your creativity with the guitar

In this program we will learn how to use simple arpeggios & the pentatonic scale to create melodic, musical guitar solos on either an electric or classical guitar.

Interactive Learning

In this program you learn how to use simple improvisation tools & techniques to create your own melodies & guitar solos.

The program contains 4 modules - each includes a video lesson with musical demonstration, technique practice, and a creative assignment.

Each module takes 2 weeks - 1 week for fretboard memorisation & technical practices, and 1 week to work on the creative assignment

Creative Assignments

The creative assignments are at the core of the program.

They are the way to apply & give clear form to the principles we learn in the course.

For each of the modules in the program, you will compose and record a mini solo (30-60 seconds) of your own, applying the principles we learn.

Backing tracks will be provided so you can record yourself soloing on top of the backing track (no need for sound card, phone recordings are sufficient)

On-Going Guidance

Share your progress, questions & creative assignments as you go through the materials of the program.


I personally review and answer each question.


Watch the progress and questions of the other program participants via the Shai Guitar Video App.

Inspire each other & connect with the other participants.



🎶 1-2 years experience 🎶 

🎶 Familiar with basic rhythm guitar chords & techniques 🎶

🎶 Familiar with reading TABS & Chord/Scale diagrams 🎶

🎶 No need to read sheet music 🎶 

Not sure if your level is appropriate for the program?

Schedule a free intake with me

Course Content

The course consists of 4 modules:

Module 1 - Creating Rhythmic hooks

Module 2 - Melodic soloing using the pentatonic scale

Module 3 - Melodic soloing using arpeggios

Module 4 - Combining the pentatonic scale & arpeggios

Program Includes:

🎶 4 Video Lessons (released every 2 weeks)- With musical demonstrations & clear practice instructions

🎶 Practice Routines - To ground and anchor the techniques & fretboard memorisation practices

🎶 Creative Assignments - Record your own "mini solos" to apply the principles we learn, using the backing tracks I provide (no professional recording equipment needed)

🎶 Community Learning Space & On-Going Guidance - To share your creative assignments, technical progress and ask questions.

Participation: €520

(€295 for existing participants of Master The Fretboard program)

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