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Shai Guitar Lessons

Master the Fretboard

Practice Group

April - June 2024

Theory | Ear Training | Fretboard Mastery

Deepen your understanding of scales, chords & the fretboard using songs of your choice 

In the practice sessions we will take real songs (chosen by the participants) and use them as "case studies" to apply scales & chord inversions across the fretboard, within a musical context.

Bi - weekly sessions

We will have a live class twice a month, which will be recorded and shared on the Shai Guitar Video App.

In case you cannot attend live, you can watch at your own time, post any questions / comments you have via the app and I will respond.

Each session we will take a song of your choice and learn how to play the chord sequence in different positions of the fretboard.

Basis for improvisation

We will use the song's chord sequence to practically learn how to improvise.

We will learn:

- The different inversions of the song's chords (the different shapes along the fretboard)

- How to extend from chords to scales 


-How to create melodic lines from the chord & scale shapes.

Practice Routines

To ensure proper grounding of the materials we learn. I will create written practice routines (with chord / scale diagrams & tabs).

The practice routines will be created based on the songs that you will choose and the questions and intentions you will bring to the sessions.

Practice routines will be available for download via the app for everyone (even if you couldn't make it to the live session)

Weekly practice routines.jpg


🎶 1-2 years experience 🎶 

🎶 Familiar with basic rhythm guitar chords & techniques 🎶

🎶 Familiar with reading TABS & Chord/Scale diagrams 🎶

🎶 No need to read sheet music 🎶 

Not sure if your level is appropriate for the program?

Schedule a free intake with me

Participation Includes:

🎶 6 Live Sessions We will meet twice a month. Sessions will be recorded and available for rewatch if you cannot attend live. 


Sundays 10:00 CET / 18:00 AEST

(April 14, April 28, May 12, May 26, June 9, June 23)

🎶 Songs Poll - I will post a poll with your song requests. Each session we will use one of the songs as a basis to learn chord inversions & improvisation.

🎶 Practice Routines - Based on your questions & chosen songs, I will create practice routines with chord / scale diagrams to ensure easy grounding of the materials.

🎶 Community Learning Space & On-Going Guidance - To share your practice assignments, technical progress and ask questions.

Participation: €120 for 1 month / €295 for 3 months


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