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Shai Agmon

The guitar has been my companion in this lifetime. It served different purposes in different stages in my life, led me to new territories and helped me in sharing more of myself with the world. 


As a teenager, I was very devoted to studying the guitar from every possible angle. I was completely obsessed with the instrument and spent most of my time practicing and writing songs.


During my 20s, the guitar led me for the first time to come out of my home environment (in Israel) and explore the world - I worked as a profession guitarist on cruise ships, playing guitar in music theater productions. 

After a few years on the ocean, I came back to Israel and started working with special needs children, using music & drama as means to connect & empower.

My next musical adventure came in 2019. I had the opportunity to join shamans from indigenous tribes in spiritual ceremonies and accompany them with the guitar.

I became familiar with a whole new way of approaching and using music, and connect with the listeners in a more intimate way.


As a teacher, I combine my traditional, orthodox musical background with the more intuitive, creative and spiritual aspects of music. 

Many of my students are sound healers, intuitive musicians & songwriters who need a bit of structure & technique in order to give their intuitive gifts a more solid form.

I use structure, music theory, ear training & technique practices in a very practical context, always aimed to serve more self expression.

Shai Agmon
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