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Shai Guitar Lessons

MMA Library

View-only access to the library of the
Medicine Music Academy for self-study


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Songs in the library:

Noku Mana by Curawaka (Nov '23)

En El Cielo by Puentes (Dec '24)

Purnamadah by Shantala (Jan '24)

Heyana by Suyana (Bonus Content)

Astral Dawn by Adrian Freedman, Ayla Schafer & Susie Ro (Feb '24)

Be Beautiful (Apr '24)

What's included?

Access to the Shai Guitar Video App -> MMA Library space

Shai's step-by-step instructions for all of the songs

Recordings of the monthly masterclasses

Tabs, lyrics, chord sheets (for download)

View-only access to Q&A and practice videos of participants

New content each month 

What's not included?

Personal guidance, feedback and practice modifications

Live access to the masterclasses

Sharing your own practice videos with Shai

Access to rating the suggested songs in the poll (you can view the poll here)


Get started today

MMA Library (Non-interactive)

€ 19


Every month

View-only access to all historical content of the Medicine Music Academy

Self-study based on view-only content of the MMA

View step-by-step instructions + Q&A from members

New content each month

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