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Intuitive Musician Bundle

(co-creating sessions)

This is for you if you write your own songs and want some technical assistance in finding appropriate chords & fingerpicking arrangements so you can accompany yourself with the guitar.


This is different from regular lessons, it is more like co-creation sessions. You will sing me your songs and I will propose different chord progressions, fingerpicking & rhythmic patterns that can work for the song.


Based on what you like, and your technical level we will together make an arrangement that fits your level and I will make you tabs/ chord charts for it. Sessions are recorded so you can always re-watch and experiment with the different ideas we played with.


It’s a really fun, playful and creative process. All copyrights for the song remain yours, I am only landing my technical and musical skills to help give your vision a clearer form.

The bundle includes:

Recordings of the sessions

Tabs/chord charts (I make them as we go, during the session, based on your input)

In case some technical work is needed to help you to execute the arrangements smoothly, we can always split the sessions between ‘creative work’ and ‘guitar lesson’







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