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Ear Training Bundle

(learn to play by ear)

A series of 10 lessons, where we will learn music theory principles & ear training methods. We will use real songs (of your choice) to practice playing melodies and chord progressions by ear.


The ear training bundle includes a license for “Ear master” software for 6 months. I will use the software to create customized ear training exercises after each lesson, based on your progress.

We will work on:

Understanding the process of playing by ear

The 3 pillars: Memorization, Theory & Ear training

The major & minor scales

Recognizing the key of a song

Playing melodies by ear

Playing chord progressions by ear

The bundle includes:

A lesson summary, materials & clear practice assignments

after each lesson

License for “Ear master” software for 6 months

Customized exercises (in Ear master) after each lesson, based on your progress

Access to the materials of my “Music fundamentals” course







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