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All related (Nessi Gomez)
– solo guitar (chord/melody) arrangement

Difficulty level: Intermediate

In this video I demonstrate my arrangement for "All related", and break down the technical & musical aspects of chord/melody fingerstyle guitar.

- How to combine melody, bass & arpeggios

- How to practice & memorize

- Proper rhythm counting

- Correct bass placements


The product contains a 2 parts video tutorial where I walk you through different layers of the arrangements, and tabs in 3 steps.


The tabs come in two different formats:

Standard .pdf file Guitar pro file

Watch demonstration:

Price: €15

Join my community on Patreon and get access to tabs for all of my tutorials (updated weekly)


Tags: Nessi Gomez, Chord melody arrangement, Solo guitar arrangement, , Fingerstyle, Fingerpicking, Rhythm, Spanish guitar, Intermediate, Arpeggios, In-depth tutorials

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