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A harmonic minor sequence

Difficulty level: Intermediate - advanced

This is a great exercise to build speed & coordination between the left & right hands, and also to familiarize yourself with the exotic flavor of the harmonic minor scale.


In the video tutorial I cover:

- What is a melodic sequence (pattern)

- Right hand alternate picking technique

- Left hand pull offs

- How to practice and synchronize between the hands


Musically speaking, the harmonic minor scale is a minor scale with a sharp VII

(the 7th note in the scale).


So in the case of an A minor scale, the A minor scale is:


A (I), B (II), C (III), D (IV), E (V), F (VI), G (VII)


So an A harmonic minor scale would have the VII (7th note) one step higher (G# instead of G) - this creates a stronger tension and a more dark, "dramatic" sound, that is often used in Spanish and middle eastern music:


A (I), B (II), C (III), D (IV), E (V), F (VI), G# (VII#)


With this exercise, you can get a feeling of how the scale sounds over different bass notes (A, E, D), I did it purposefully so that you can feel the different harmonic flavors of the scale, while practicing your technique and building speed.


The product contains an 7 minutes long video tutorial, and tabs in two formats:

Standard .pdf file & Guitar pro file

Watch demonstration:

Price: €10

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Tags: Alternate picking, legato, pull offs, theory, technique, minor scale, harmonic minor scale, Spanish guitar, coordination

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