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Kothbiro (Ayub Ogada)
– solo guitar (chord/melody) arrangement

Difficulty level: Intermediate - advanced

A unique beautiful world music piece adapted to solo Spanish guitar.


In this tutorial I walk you through the two different melodic lines (in the original song one line is played with an instrument called the nyatiti lyre and the other line sang by Ayub in Dholuo, a native language of the Luo people of Western Kenya)


I made two tab files (as demonstrated in the video):

- one for two separate guitars

- one for one guitar I highly recommend first studying each line separately.


Other subjects discussed in the tutorial:

- How to count (very important in this piece)

- How to practice - Right hand technique


The product contains a video tutorial where I walk you through the arrangement, and the tabs & standard notation in two formats:

Standard .pdf file & Guitar pro file

Watch demonstration:

Price: €15

Join my community on Patreon and get access to tabs for all of my tutorials (updated weekly)


Tags: Ayub Ogada, World music, Chord melody arrangement, Solo guitar arrangement, , Fingerstyle, Fingerpicking, Rhythm, Advanced, Intermediate

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