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Shai Guitar Lessons

Be the Community

A 3-Month Interactive Group Program

Develop your musical skills and fingerstyle technique by learning

medicine songs together in our community learning program

Gain access to:


~ Monthly LIVE Masterclasses with Shai ~

~ On-going video guidance from Shai ~

~ A tribe of like-minded guitar players (practice buddies!!) ~

~ A safe space to step out of your comfort zone and embrace showing yourself ~

~ LIVE "Take the stage" event at the end of the program~

Receive community support to:


~ Stay motivated ~

~ Bring focus, structure, and discipline to your practice routine ~

~ Build confidence and feel empowered ~

~ Make practicing WAY MORE FUN!! ~

Connect and grow together:


~ Share your personal journey with music, guitar, and self-expression ~

~ Pair up with practice buddies and set up your practice routines together ~


Next program starts December 1

Interactive Learning

Monthly LIVE Masterclass where Shai breaks down the fingerpicking, strumming & rhythmic patterns of the community-chosen song.

Integration & Structure

Shai will break the month's song down into small, achievable steps so you can really nail your practice and develop your fingerstyle technique and musical understanding along the way.

On-Going Guidance & Support

Share your questions and doubts with us and receive guidance in the form of technical clarification videos from Shai throughout the month.

Support each other by creating practice groups within the community platform.

Take the Stage

Show yourself throughout the three months by sharing your (original) music & covers, your wins, and receive encouraging feedback.

Have the opportunity to claim your spot on the LIVE digital stage at the end of our three months together.

Dates: Dec. 2023 - Feb. 2024 (3 months)

Price: 150


What's included: 


1. A LIVE Masterclass at the beginning of each month where Shai breaks down the monthly song into tangible practice steps (recording will be available in the space).

2. Access to our video learning platform where you can post video and audio recordings to ask questions of Shai and/or the community and share your progress.

3. Regular clarification videos from Shai based on your questions.

4. A LIVE "Take the Stage" online event at the end of the program where you can claim a spot on the digital stage to play for the community.

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